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Can I purchase the Personal Organiser System without having the Personal Productivity Training?
Yes - please see our online catalogue.
The Organiser System has been designed around the training techniques to help individuals to be more productive and obtain considerable financial and personal benefits - please see our Training Programme pages.

How soon will I receive my order for Personal Organiser products?
Our target is for you to receive your order within eight working days of the date we receive your order. In practice, we are usually ahead of our order time and if for any reason we are unable to meet the eight working day delivery, we will contact you with the details.

Can an order for Personal Organiser products be made by telephone?
Yes - if you wish to pay by credit or charge card.
Orders can be placed via our online catalogue or by fax, if paying by credit or charge card, or by sending the order form by post with a cheque or Company Purchase Order.

What makes the Personal Productivity Training different from other similar courses?
A phased programme of practical hands-on Workshops and Personal Coaching.
Delegates bring and always work with their own information, so they are working with real situations, not theory. A key feature is the Personal Coaching appointment several weeks after the Workshop, which enables our Consultant to work with each person on a one-to-one basis to meet their personal requirements and further develop their personal effectiveness.

How would I know that the training programme is applicable to me?
Our Consultants have trained several thousand delegates in all types of industry and commerce. Whilst individuals have different types of job responsibilities, their problems and challenges with regard to personal organisation are usually similar - and our personal approach ensures that the programme is "fine-tuned" to each person.

I have been on training courses before and have found that the benefits do not last very long.
This is very true, and is typical of one day and two day courses, as the old habits can die hard upon returning to one's workplace.
This is why our programme is phased over several weeks and, together with our Personal Coaching approach, it helps delegates to achieve lasting behavioural change.

A lot of personal organiser systems seem cheap and flimsy - what makes yours different?
Knowing that our clients are constantly using the personal organiser system, and that they wish to have a "tool" with them that they can feel proud of, we ensure that the binders and inserts are of the highest quality.
Please see our online catalogue which illustrates the high standard of product specifications.

Would it be beneficial if my colleagues enrolled on the programme with me?
Whilst the programme is aimed at helping individuals to become more effective, our clients frequently tell us that when their colleagues have also been through the programme, they all experience additional "spin-off" benefits, because of using similar techniques and having a greater awareness of organisational issues that affect each other.

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The 2022 dated planning pages are now available to be ordered.
Our next Open Workshop is on - hold due to Covid-19. Please see Training Sections for details.
Do you want to improve your overall results? Let us help you achieve your 2022 goals and success - please contact us so that we can explain our special approach.
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