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Students' Programme

Personal Productivity Programme

This programme has been devised in response to graduates' requests to make the training available as an integral part of the student experience. Based on the premise that undergraduate life is a professional job in its own right, the programme offers excellent preparation for the world of work by promoting attitudes and skills currently emphasised by organisations such as AGCAS (Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Service), the Academy of Enterprise and The Higher Education Academy.

The topics of this Four Phase Programme include:

  • Planning priorities
  • Time management
  • Achieving target dates
  • Controlling interruptions
  • Planning Assignments/Projects
  • Successfully delivering Multiple Projects/Assignments and Long-term Goals
  • Scheduling tasks realistically
  • Forward planning
  • Managing e-mails/ paperwork
  • Managing One-2-One communications
  • Work-Life Balance

The Phases are:
Pre-Programme Discussion

This is a telephone discussion with each delegate, prior to the Workshop, to:
  • understand each student's particular workload and associated pressures
  • identify issues of self-organisation which may require particular attention and focus
  • answer any questions students may have in respect of the training modules

Phase OnePersonal Productivity WorkshopOne day
Students are asked to bring their own diary, academic timetable, outstanding actions and details of future activities, so that they can apply the techniques throughout the training day and implement the planning upon leaving the Workshop.

Our Organiser System is supplied, which is designed around the techniques of the Programme, so that delegates have the appropriate "tools" to apply the methods.

Phase TwoProject/Assignment Planning WorkshopHalf day
If one accepts that every assignment is a "project", then students are by definition project-driven. Therefore, in addition to the topics covered, this Workshop reinforces the phased programme so far and extends the training from more effective daily activity management to achieving more longer-term strategies and successful project delivery. The topics are:

Project Planning
  Students are asked to bring their own project to plan and are taken through the stages of project planning through slides and discussion, and then plan each of the stages in respect of their own project. Students therefore leave the Workshop with their own project plan to implement, as well as learning the Project Planning techniques.

Successfully delivering Multiple Projects and Long-Term Goals
  This covers the control of multiple projects and shows delegates how to ensure that their commitment to longer-term projects/assignments equals the time they have available. The accurate techniques shown to students ensure that appropriate decisions are made to deliver multiple projects/assignments and the achievement of long- term goals, as well as short-term tasks.

Phase ThreeFirst Personal Coaching Appointment1 hours
This appointment is one month after the Workshop.

Phase FourSecond Personal Coaching Appointment1 hour
This appointment is two months after Phase Three.

Benefits which students receive from the Programme include:

  • increased personal motivation and productivity
  • students consistently say they accomplish more in their day
  • control of crisis management
  • the tracking of tasks, so that they are not lost or forgotten
  • improved paper flow and being focused on one job at a time
  • ensuring E-Mails are organised and actioned appropriately
  • a focus on priorities and students find they get more of the right things done, at the right time
  • achieving target dates of short and long-term goals, with improved quality of work
  • realistic decision making of what can be achieved. Students end their day knowing what they have accomplished, what was left incomplete and when they will be able to realistically complete it. Best of all, they know where they are starting off the following day
  • accurate forward planning, so that students can more effectively meet imposed timescales and deadlines
  • improved communication and follow up of commitments
  • students have reported a substantial improvement in their ability to plan and manage projects/assignments
  • the programme rewards investment by increasing the potential for improving academic performance
  • a more productive and healthier student Work - Life balance, which is customised to each student's requirements
  • the skills and attitudes promoted on the programme are readily transferable on a long- term basis to the world of work

Our Students' Programme Leaflet
, which gives more details including our ongoing support, can be downloaded (in PDF format) and printed by clicking here.

If you feel that you would benefit from this type of training approach and would like us to send you comprehensive information, please contact us.

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